Our Refund Policy

The Crypto Wealth Blueprint is an educational course on the subject of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that delivers its digital content by way of video lessons, text commentary, downloadable reports and a discussion forum.

All content is available online and is immediately available once a person has paid the one-time unlimited access fee.

Due to the immediate digital nature of the product delivery, and the fact such access is deemed as full possession of what was offered and purchased, the refund period is limited to seven (7) days only.

If you find the content and materials contained in the Crypto Wealth Blueprint is not what you wanted, or substantially different from what you expected to receive, you may make a refund request within the 7 day period and it will be honoured and actioned without further question.

Any request for a refund after the initial 7 day period will be treated and considered on its merits, without any implication that a refund will be automatically granted.