Just Launched: Gold-Backed Crypto With Integrated Monetary System!

Imagine Holding Gold orĀ Silver in Crypto Form
And Being Able to Use it Just Like Everyday Money

  • Kinesis cryptocurrencies are backed by one gram of gold or one ounce of silver

  • Your precious metal is secured in globally distributed vaults, titled in your name

  • You can request physical delivery of your gold or silver at any time

  • You pay no storage fees on your holding and it's fully insured for free

  • Earn a yield on your precious metal that's better than what your bank is offering

  • Spend your precious metal anywhere in the world, using an integrated debit card

  • Buy, sell and exchange gold or silver, using multiple fiat currencies and other cryptos

  • Send it to anyone, anywhere in seconds, using the purpose-built blockchain

  • Earn a passive income by sharing in the transaction fee revenue pool

Open Your Free Account Now!
Open Your Free Account Now!