My Personal Journey To Crypto Freedom

Back in the year 2000 I read a mind-opening book the size of a large telephone directory. Fortunately its size didn't put me off, as reading it exposed me to a completely new way of thinking and forced me to evaluate a lot of old ideas I was still clinging to.

I'm talking about Sic Itur Ad Astra - "This is The Way to The Stars" - by Andrew J Galambos. You can still read my original review of that book on Amazon.

The essential message of that great book is freedom will never arrive by protesting, revolution or war, and certainly not through the political process of voting at the ballot box.

Galambos asserted that increased freedom would only be achieved by science and technology via the free marketplace.

The arrival of the internet itself was the first big manifestation of that idea, a global communication medium in which people from all over the world could participate and innovate without requiring permission.

I am convinced the arrival of Bitcoin and the crypto revolution heralds an even more important development, a completely new form of financial service and currency - one in which people from all over the world can participate and innovate, and once again without requiring anyone's permission.

I first read about Bitcoin in 2010, while it was still clearly "nerd" territory. At the time I was fascinated by the concept as it aligned with my views on freedom. However, it was virtually impossible to get hold of, unless one were to engage in "mining" it - a process I felt technically incompetent to get involved in at the time.

It wasn't until mid-2011 that I found a way to comfortably buy my first bitcoins on an exchange - at the princely sum of $6 each. Within a month or two of buying them I saw them rise to $32, then some time later crash to under $3. I had gotten my first roller coaster taste of Bitcoin's volatility!

But I held on, refusing to let panic set in, convinced I was on to something. In early 2013 I made my second purchase at a cost of $13.70 each. That same year I saw it surge to $198 in April, only to crash to $71 in July. And by the beginning of October it began its dramatic and rapid climb to $1,165 by the end of November.

What happened next was legendary. The bubble burst and Bitcoin spent all of 2014 in a downwards-spiralling bear market, correcting all the way down to $211 before starting a slow climb up again.

But Bitcoin refused to die. Instead it spent the whole of 2015 in a sideways consolidation mode, while constantly improving its infrastructure and services. Then by the end of that year is was already showing clear signs of the bull market to come in 2016.

The rest is history.

During all this time I have passionately studied Bitcoin, learned as much as I can about it, written reports on it, talked to people about it, created a YouTube channel on it, and generally been consumed by what I see as an historically significant event that is taking place in my own lifetime.

The end result of all my passion and enthusiasm is the creation of this website - The Crypto Wealth Blueprint - through which I hope to introduce, inform, educate and benefit all those who dream big and who are motivated by the very real possibility Bitcoin could not only change the world, but change their own financial destiny.

Why don't you join me?